Who Can Join?

NJOC membership is open to all NJSOM practices, as well as other oncology practices throughout New Jersey and surrounding states. If you are interested in participating in NJOC contracts or simply interested in obtaining additional information about NJOC, please contact Karen Cocca, President NJOC by email info@njocgpo.com or (kcoccarn@comcast.net).

How Do I Join?

It's easy! Just email or call the NJOC office and we will send you the brief application form(s) for the products or services in which you may be interested. There are no fees involved in becoming an NJOC client. Contact info@njocgpo.com

Summary of NJOC Drug Contracting Benefits

The NJOC drug purchasing contract provides numerous cost-containment benefits for its clients. Your practice will be able to lower its costs for pharmaceuticals and spend less time negotiating for lower pricing since NJOC does it for you. (In fact, if NJOC clients purchase 100% of their generic drugs through the ION/OS contract, Oncology Supply will ensure that any lower pricing for generic drugs found by any other client will result in price-matching on such drug(s) for all clients. A number of other value-added benefits are also provided to NJOC clients, including free coding manuals, subscriptions to oncology-specific periodicals, etc. (For further details on the array of benefits, contact info@njocgpo.com

The current NJOC primary contract distributor, Oncology Supply Company, in conjunction with ION, provides additional benefits to NJOC clients, including:

  • Competitive negotiated pricing across a broad range of chemotherapy and supportive care medications.
  • An attractive choice of payment terms.
  • Implementation of manufacturer contracts to obtain additional cost savings.
  • Free reimbursement assistance and discounted business consulting assistance by nationally recognized oncology consultants.
  • 12% discount on selected supply purchases.
  • Secure, interactive online ordering through the Oncology Supply website.

Current Distributor

Primary Distributor - Oncology Supply Company

Secondary Distributor - CuraScript Specialty Distribution

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