New Jersey Oncology Contracting, Inc. (NJOC)

NJOC strives to provide services and programs that increase the value of membership in NJSOM. To that end, the Society has established a contracting organization to help its clients save on the most costly products and services associated with the business of oncology. This entity has been separately incorporated, as New Jersey Oncology Contracting, Inc. (NJOC), and negotiates contracts with suppliers to provide maximum value and benefit to those with whom it contracts, including NJSOM members. Contracts are currently in force with attractive pricing and support services for oncology pharmaceuticals and supplies, as well as office supplies. In addition, NJOC is always seeking new ways to be of service to its clients and welcomes ideas for any such new opportunities. By pooling the buying power of our clients, NJOC is able to negotiate more favorable pricing and terms for those practices that choose to participate in NJOC contracts.

In 2002, NJOC entered into a preferred primary vendor agreement with Oncology Supply and ION for oncology pharmaceuticals and supplies and a range of value-added services. This contract has been extended and now runs through December 2019.

As of May, 2011, NJOC has also entered into a secondary vendor agreement with Innovatix (for drug purchases to be made through Curascript  Specialty Distribution), and this contract runs through April 2016.

Additionally, NJOC has entered into other contracts with Genzyme, and Spectrum for additional drugs, as well as with Med Flex for office waste removal for its clients.

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